Jan. 31st, 2013 02:01 pm
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Someone on G+ mentioned today that they had changed their LJ name after finding their preferred id had appeared on the deleted and purged list. So, realizing I hadn't gone looking in *forever* I went to see if [ profile] fubar was still used... and it wasn't! So while purple_terror still forwards here (or should), hence for I am once again [ profile] fubar. ::fanfare::

Last call!

Jun. 11th, 2010 08:23 pm
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Last call for blueberries! Let me know by tomorrow if you want to join in. Up to 8 boxes so far...

boo berries

Jun. 5th, 2010 11:53 am
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As posted on FB, in the near future I plan on pre-ordering some blueberries from Continuous Harmony Blueberries and I'm happy to split some up or piggyback orders. It's $28/10lb box ($25/ea for 3+ boxes) and I'm happy to split 'em up, in addition to carting them down from Maine. I've known Bill since nearly forever (seriously. since pre-school.) and I think he's got blueberries in his veins. Drop me a note if you're interested.
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Hah. So after 5 days of coughing my brains out, I finally got to see the medicine man today. I had thought it was bronchitis since it felt similar to my last bout N years ago; though I don't remember having had a fever then. Still, lots of coughing and not much else. But nooooooo! I've got something new and different (at least for me)! Pneumonia!

Honestly, if I'm going to be sick, I like having something new and different. Well, up to a point, anyways; you can take me right off that list for necrotizing fasciitis. :P


Dec. 29th, 2009 02:40 pm
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I help run a TSA* security checkpoint. We have hundreds of thousands of people come through our checkpoint every day. We stop or turn away hundreds of thousands more because they have sharp, steel knives that are very dangerous. We are very good at finding steel knives**! We can also tell a lot about the people that come through our checkpoint. We know who they are, where they're from and where they're going. If they have luggage, we can even tell you what color it is!

And then one day a person that had come through our checkpoint robbed the Starbucks* on the secure side of the checkpoint with a wooden spoon! Oh noes, we can't track wooden spoons! Today we were asked to identify how many people came through the checkpoint with wooden spoons, to determine if this was a widespread problem or if it was just a targeted attack***.

True story analogy!

* Not really.
** For some value of "steel knives."
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I have to agree with these folks: polyamory is wrong.

Doot do dee doo.

hurf durf

Sep. 14th, 2009 03:16 pm
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I'm a dumbass, news at 11! I really shouldn't do, well anything really, when I'm so tired. After a flurry of buying tickets for Eddie Izzard, I (finally) got around to getting tickets to see Moby next week. Except that I had already bought a set. Go me.

Does anyone out there want 1-3 tickets to see Moby with Kelli Scarr at the House of Blues on Thursday, 9/24? I'll eat the ticketbastard/I'm-a-tard fees, so $25/ticket, pick up at the show (or from home after I actually get them)...
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I think I have to go check out Sail Boston this year. There are a couple of schooners from back home making the trip: Angelique and Harvey Gamage; Roseway will be there, too, though she defected to Boston some time ago. It looks like there will be a *lot* of interesting ships to see, even if the parade up the harbor has been canceled.

So yeah, July 8-13.

My cousin used to captain the Heavy DamageHarvey Gamage. My parents and I joined him on a trip from Camden to Boston many, many years ago. I spent the entire trip up on deck because I got entirely too seasick below decks. Other than that, it was a pretty awesome trip. I think we spent the night in Boston one bay up from Long Wharf.

Mac woes

May. 6th, 2009 04:19 pm
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Anyone out there with a Mac Pro running 10.5.6? I've got one with 2x2.8GHz quad-core and 6gb of ram and half the time I might as well be trying to work on a brick. At the moment I've got Safari running - though this is only as a test against Firefox - with three tabs: pandora, gmail and a random other. Every few minutes pandora will grind to a stutter and I'll get the Beachball of Doom trying to do anything to Safari. And lest you think it's pandora or the network, it'll happen to Firefox even more regularly without pandora open. If I happen to be running iTunes, it'll get choppy too.

I've installed this thing countless times and poked at it with every stick I could find and it still sucks the most of out any desktop system I've ever had. Has anybody else seen anything like this or am I just fucked?

Edit: I should also say that Activity Monitor doesn't show anything particularly amiss. Plenty of free memory, little disk activity, no network errors. CPU will sometimes spike when it goes tits up, but that's no guarantee (especially with Safari).
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My father's obit in the local rag.

Some of the writing leaves me a little ... meh. "The Boston Fire Boat" was a fire boat built for the Boston Fire Department; I'm fairly sure it wasn't the one and only. He also spent a good bit of time driving tractor trailers and a short stint as a prison guard.

The Sea Tomato was a cool boat, though. It was built for Ned Gillette, an adventurer, who took three other like minded crazy people and rowed 1100km from Cape Horn to Antarctica in 14 days in the Spring of 1998. He built it on the basement of our home and I remember helping out and playing around on it. He'd wanted to call it the Hunky Dory. The whole trip was showcased in National Geographic though you won't find mention of my father's name; I'm not sure why he didn't want the publicity (notoriety?).

Anyway... back in Maine. It's cold and *really* windy today and it's making the crappy DSL line even crappier (hey 63% packet loss!). Lots and lots of people keep dropping by and most of them bring food. I'm going to gain 15 pounds this week...

A day.

Mar. 22nd, 2009 08:13 pm
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So I'm back in town for a couple days: came home Saturday afternoon and planning on heading back later tomorrow. We (the three of us and robin) had tickets to see Kodo today at Symphony Hall and tomorrow I'd like to stick my head in to work briefly and catch up a *little* bit.

The show was phenomenal. I don't think that words are nearly adequate to describe the performance. I had seen them with [ profile] kazmat about 15 years ago in Worcester and remember it being great, but obviously my memory of it had dimmed over time. I had seen the show listing ages ago and gotten tickets then, so we were in row C right off the stage. Their precision - especially for drummers! - was unbelievable. If you ever have the chance to see them perform, do so.

After the show we wandered over to Douzo for some sushi and sake. It's not exactly cheap, but it is damn fine food. We need to find some of the sake for the house, I think. The dessert menu is a little lacking (imo), so we wandered off to Finale's to finish off the evening.

The downside to the day is that my father passed away quietly last night in his sleep. He hadn't really been *there* for a couple days - he would respond if spoken to but otherwise was curled up sleeping. Everyone is sad, but this was the best possible ending.

Thanks for all of the hugs and well wishes and sympathies.

YA update

Mar. 19th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Busy, busy, busy today. Matt and Jess arrived late last night, then John and Dave stopped by early-ish today and my aunt and cousin came back, plus various bit of my brother's and sister's respective families. My sister has been fantastic doing all sorts of cooking; she can't do her paramedic stuff so it's good that there's something she *can* do. My other cousin also arrived today, having flown back from London; first flight back plus the drive up from Boston and he was pretty spacey. Good to see him, too; given that he lives in Belmont, I really ought to see him more often.

My father is less here than yesterday. It's obvious that the steroids for Addison's have worn off; the spark is gone. He's also noticeably weaker and I have to help him move from his zippy electric wheelchair to anywhere else. Also lots and lots of napping. There hasn't, afaik, been any need to dip into the hospice carebox; no seizures and no need for the morphine (well, for him). I'm hoping that trend continues on. Best case is that he passes in his sleep since we've pretty much ruled out immortality at this point.

I went out to the shop and rescued a huge stack of photographs. Most of them (three copies I think) are from when I took my parents to the UK in November 2005. There are also a whole bunch from the Lyman & Morse boat shop while they were building a 60-foot aluminum powerboat. He had been doing some work for them at the time (unrelated) and took lots and lots of pictures. (He spent 40 years building boats, mostly aluminum; it was his second love after law enforcement (which he couldn't continue due to health issues.))

I don't look forward to cleaning the shop/garage. While it'll be nice to finally get everything cleaned and sorted out, there's almost two decades of accumulated stuff, clutter and detritus. All of the tools will stay here, which will allow my brother and brother-in-law to use stuff when they need to. While I'd like my own shop close to home there isn't any room for that much stuff. Someday perhaps.

I also got a call from my mother's boss. He wanted to make sure that I was staying through the weekend (yes except for Sunday) because she's not quite as strong as she would have everyone believe. Which is true: the cracks have been showing all week. Hell, their 40th wedding anniversary would have been July 2nd this year.

I continue to be mostly okay, except when I'm not. But life goes on, I'll still have my memories of him and he'll be better off.
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Life is kinda moving along at a weird pace here. I had to go look at the calendar to figure out which day it is. My aunt arrived from Utah today (and boy are her arms tired) and one of my cousins (I think. that side of the family hedge is odd.) is also here. We called the other who is unfortunately in England at the moment fixing broken systems (we had at least hoped it was to see his Polish physicist girlfriend). There have also been lots of visitors dropping by (john I don't seem to have your phone # in my new phone. come on over, thursday is probably better than friday if you can swing it), and my father really enjoys the company.

He's still doing ok, though he seems to tire out more quickly each day, but he's eating fairly well which is slightly unusual. Other than pain meds and just enough insulin to keep the thirst at bay, he's completely off his meds. No one is sure how long it will take before everything comes unglued. My mother, and my sister to a lesser extent, are having a particularly hard time with that after spending 40 years patching him up and fixing what ailed him.


I'm not sure how long I'll be up here. The boss said take as much time as you need, but I'm sure HR wouldn't agree with that, nevermind leaving my coworkers in the lurch with lots of wonky mail systems (fuck you, Zimbra, fuck you.) That's all I've got at the moment...

In Maine

Mar. 16th, 2009 06:01 pm
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I'm up here for, well I don't know exactly how long. My father's doing far less well, though today he's picked up a little (and eaten for a change). News as it's made...

Take that!

Mar. 12th, 2009 10:23 pm
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Nothing beats a crappy day at work with unhappy servers all over the place like going to a free scotch tasting. The Glenlivet isn't my favorite, but Ricky Crawford was entertaining and the whisky was actually pretty good. Unfortunately now I still have to work the midnight maintenance window. Ah well.
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For folks that might not be on That Other List, beer wednesday 7pm at The Pembury. I'll also be wandering around during the day, though have plans for lunch and an afternoon-ish pre-beer beer.
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The Waterstones in Cambridge is playing a Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash duet.

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stupid power outage appears to have nuked the power supply on my desktop. I'd be really annoyed if I didn't have a nifty new toy to keep me entertained between packing and other stuff. go go gadget iPhone!

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A reminder for friends Over There: I'll be in Cambridge, with excursions to London, this Friday until next Thursday. Who's up for beer??

I know I'll be in London on Saturday, going to PicoCon with a friend and then SMWS after, and have plans for Tuesday eve. Other than that, I'm free to wander at will. If nothing else, I'll hit up London for some random museum wandering and a trip to Forbidden Planet. And I haven't been to the Cambridge Blue in *forever*...

Also, if you'd like something brought over (either way, acutally), let me know!
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