Mar. 19th, 2009

YA update

Mar. 19th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Busy, busy, busy today. Matt and Jess arrived late last night, then John and Dave stopped by early-ish today and my aunt and cousin came back, plus various bit of my brother's and sister's respective families. My sister has been fantastic doing all sorts of cooking; she can't do her paramedic stuff so it's good that there's something she *can* do. My other cousin also arrived today, having flown back from London; first flight back plus the drive up from Boston and he was pretty spacey. Good to see him, too; given that he lives in Belmont, I really ought to see him more often.

My father is less here than yesterday. It's obvious that the steroids for Addison's have worn off; the spark is gone. He's also noticeably weaker and I have to help him move from his zippy electric wheelchair to anywhere else. Also lots and lots of napping. There hasn't, afaik, been any need to dip into the hospice carebox; no seizures and no need for the morphine (well, for him). I'm hoping that trend continues on. Best case is that he passes in his sleep since we've pretty much ruled out immortality at this point.

I went out to the shop and rescued a huge stack of photographs. Most of them (three copies I think) are from when I took my parents to the UK in November 2005. There are also a whole bunch from the Lyman & Morse boat shop while they were building a 60-foot aluminum powerboat. He had been doing some work for them at the time (unrelated) and took lots and lots of pictures. (He spent 40 years building boats, mostly aluminum; it was his second love after law enforcement (which he couldn't continue due to health issues.))

I don't look forward to cleaning the shop/garage. While it'll be nice to finally get everything cleaned and sorted out, there's almost two decades of accumulated stuff, clutter and detritus. All of the tools will stay here, which will allow my brother and brother-in-law to use stuff when they need to. While I'd like my own shop close to home there isn't any room for that much stuff. Someday perhaps.

I also got a call from my mother's boss. He wanted to make sure that I was staying through the weekend (yes except for Sunday) because she's not quite as strong as she would have everyone believe. Which is true: the cracks have been showing all week. Hell, their 40th wedding anniversary would have been July 2nd this year.

I continue to be mostly okay, except when I'm not. But life goes on, I'll still have my memories of him and he'll be better off.


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