May. 6th, 2009

Mac woes

May. 6th, 2009 04:19 pm
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Anyone out there with a Mac Pro running 10.5.6? I've got one with 2x2.8GHz quad-core and 6gb of ram and half the time I might as well be trying to work on a brick. At the moment I've got Safari running - though this is only as a test against Firefox - with three tabs: pandora, gmail and a random other. Every few minutes pandora will grind to a stutter and I'll get the Beachball of Doom trying to do anything to Safari. And lest you think it's pandora or the network, it'll happen to Firefox even more regularly without pandora open. If I happen to be running iTunes, it'll get choppy too.

I've installed this thing countless times and poked at it with every stick I could find and it still sucks the most of out any desktop system I've ever had. Has anybody else seen anything like this or am I just fucked?

Edit: I should also say that Activity Monitor doesn't show anything particularly amiss. Plenty of free memory, little disk activity, no network errors. CPU will sometimes spike when it goes tits up, but that's no guarantee (especially with Safari).


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